Should I train in skin treatments? Part 1 - Beauty Therapists

By: admin | Posted on: 27 May 2019

In addition to the many different injectable aesthetic courses that we have available, Facethetics Training are also proud to offer training in a number of advanced skin treatments, including chemical peels, dermaplaning and microneedling. These procedures have grown in popularity in recent years, with “flawless” skin being a top priority for many beauty-conscious consumers. However, we often hear from both beauty and medical professionals, who aren’t really sure if becoming a skin practitioner is a route that they wish to go down. If you’re undecided about whether or not to train in advanced skin treatments, read on to find out why it could be a great move for you to make!

We've split this blog into two parts - this month we'll explain how training in advanced skin treatments would benefit those from a beauty background. Next month we'll move on to medics!


As a beauty therapist you have probably trained in and worked with different skin care brands during your career, however, the majority of these brands tend to focus more on standard, hands-on facials, rather than results-driven treatments. While regular facials will of course improve a client’s skin to some extent, if you’re ever dealing with clients who suffer with more severe complaints, such as acne or pigmentation, you may have found that there’s only so far that a salon facial can really go. Problematic skin generally requires more advanced interventions, so if you really want to transform your clients’ skin, offering treatments such as peels and microneedling is a great idea.

Many beauty therapists who offer advanced skin procedures say that they’re some of their favourite treatments to do, as it’s so exciting to see a client’s skin improve over time, and to go through that journey with them. Not only is it extremely satisfying to be directly responsible for such amazing results, it’s also a really rewarding part of the job, especially when you know that a client has struggled with their skin for a long time or has always been self-conscious about it.


Job opportunities

It probably sounds obvious, but additional skills and training, can really give you the edge when it comes to job opportunities. The beauty industry is a popular one, especially for women, and depending on where you are, competition for jobs can be high. Savvy salon owners are aware that advanced skin treatments are rising in popularity, so if it comes down to a choice between a candidate who is already trained in them and a candidate who isn’t, it’s fairly obvious who’s more likely to get the job.


Specialising = more money

As your beauty career progresses, you may wish to focus on a certain treatment or area within the industry, either because there are some treatments you are especially good at, or, alternatively, because there are some that you just don’t want to do anymore! While it’s great to be an all-rounder who is able to offer lots of different types of beauty treatments, many therapists choose to establish themselves as an “expert” in a particular area, so that they become known for that treatment. This enables them to build up a strong client base who trust them to always deliver when it comes to that procedure, whether it's perfect brows or pain-free waxing.

With that in mind, skin is an ideal area to specialise in because everybody wants good skin! If you’re able to prove that you really know your stuff when it comes to treating people’s skin concerns and delivering great results, you’ll have no shortage of clients! Advanced skin treatments also come with a higher price tag, so it can be a particularly lucrative area of beauty to move in to.


Have we convinced you? You can find a full list of our upcoming skin course dates by clicking here, OR contact us if you have questions about any of the course we've got on offer.