Educator Treatments

Facethetics Skin Clinic

Why not explore our advanced aesthetic skin treatments with our experienced skin educator. Or perhaps you have trained with us in skin or injectables and wish to experience the treatments! The following are the treatments available and what they include:


 Investigative Skin Consultation (£25) 

This includes a thorough look at your skin concerns taking into account diet, lifestyle, skincare and health. A skin analysis, skincare advice and treatment plan are all part of the package in helping to treat your specific skin concerns.


 Dermaplaning (£55) 

This method of physical exfoliation, with the use of a sterile scalpel, removes the skin's superficial dead skin cells (we can have 10 - 15 layers of dead skin sitting on the surface which can reduce the precise action intended by serums/topical actives). This form of exfoliation therefore improves skincare absorption, enhance cellular turnover and promote overall skin health. The treatment includes: treatment plan review (following on from you consultation treatment plan), a mild enzyme peel (dependant on skin sensitivity) and a hydrating and nourishing face mask.

*Dermaplaning is an advanced exfoliating skin treatment, although many view it as a treatment to remove the vellus hair from the skin surface. This action does occur during a treatment as the hair resides just above the skin surface. The base of the vellus hair is attached to the arrector pili muscle only, so cannot reproduce thicker or stronger hair following a dermaplaning treatment.


 Micro Needling (£150) 

This form of collagen induction therapy has been proven to enhance the quality of collagen produced in our dermis to support and help maintain structure within our upper skin layers. Micro Needling works by creating millions of micro channels within the skin that call upon the wound healing cascade in response to the injury caused. Red and white blood cells flood the area of trauma to ensure the health of the skin is maintained and that no external elements enter the skin during the second stage of healing, proliferation (closing of the micro channels), followed finally by remodelling of the collagen fibres within the dermis. Being able to provide the support to the existing collagen in our skin with the newer collagen stimulated by micro needling is like a scaffolding system and is a fantastic treatment in age management, pigmentation problems, general skin health and improved skin functions. This treatment is carried out with a mechanical device to allow for freedom of adaptions with any areas of cocers such as scarring, pigmentation etc, a hydrating mask is applied after treatment.

*one treatment of micro needling can induce the production of collagen for up to 12 months post treatment and increase skin product absorption by up to 300%!


 Chemical Peels (£45-75) 

This method of chemical exfolaition has been around since the time of Cleopatra! One of our skins natural barriers is our acid mantle. This barrier is essentail to ensure no unwanted bacteria, products or free radicals can enter our skin. Our skin's pH is usually betweek 5.5-5.6 which is slightly acidic. From using incorrect skincare products or over exfoliating our skin, we will compromise our skins defence system and this can lead to breakouts, sensitivity, pigmentation or even pre-mature ageing. By using acids that suits your skin type and concerns, we can improve cellular turnover and skin health while maintaining a healthy barrier function. Following a chemical peel treatment, the skin feels refreshed and re-energised. 


 Mesotherapy (£75) 

This treatment is tailored to suit the clients skin needs with the use of bespoke ampules. Following a thorough consultation, you can experience deep hydration epidermally in the skin which also will enhance and compliment the results with any of the above treatments. 



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